Cleaning of handmade rugs with certified products

Persian Expert for the Repair of Handmade Rugs

Cleaning and repair of handmade rugs from in Dafni, Attica

The company, headquartered in Dafni-Attica, specializes in providing high quality cleaning and repair services for handmade rugs at the most advantageous prices of the market.
Καθαρισμός και επισκευές χειροποίητων χαλιών
The experienced team of, led by a Persian expert on handmade rugs, and the unique services they offer to customers for repair and maintenance services stand out from the competition.

Cleaning and repair of handmade rugs is the reason why you do not need to buy a new rug if yours becomes dirty or worn out.

The company of the Persian expert in handmade rug repair in Dafni, Attica, has experienced and friendly staff that will help you quickly and effectively, always making sure that the services provided will meet your expectations.
Καθαρισμός και επισκευές χειροποίητων χαλιών
Using special, certified (by international associations) products and appropriate handmade carpentry equipment, they achieve the best possible result by restoring damages or removing stains.

Cleaning and repair of handmade rugs are the team's bread and butter, so do not hesitate to contact the company or visit its headquarters in Dafni-Attica, and have your own handmade rugs repaired so that they look like brand new.

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Cleaning and Repair of handmade rugs from