Cleaning of handmade rugs with certified products

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Cleaning & maintenance of handmade rugs

At, we achieve the perfect result for each handmade rug thanks to the years of experience in cleaning and maintenance of handmade rugs.

We may highlight that cleaning of handmade rugs is carried out using our specialized, certified (by international associations) products as well as our advanced machinery.

STEP 1: The most important step in cleaning handmade rugs is the removal of soil from the pile of the rug. For this reason, we use a special machine depending on the thickness, the age and the wear of each carpet. The above procedure precedes the cleaning process in order for the result to be detailed and not superficial, keeping the rug in good condition and giving it longer life.

STEP 2: In this step, we take into account the quality of the handmade rug (silk or wool), the painting technique, and we use special products and suitable machinery to carry out the cleaning while also preserving the color and the pile of the carpet.

Finally, at this stage it is important to pave the pile of carpet in the correct direction to avoid two-color look and breakage.

STEP 3: In this step, we place the rugs in a room specially equipped with a dehumidification and ventilation system in order to avoid the damage caused to the colors of the rug due to its contact with solar radiation.

Lastly, when the rugs have dried, we sweep and pack them, and we place them on shelves, where they will remain until their delivery, safely as this room is protected.

Therefore, we can undertake the cleaning of your handmade rug guarantying the result that will certainly satisfy you.
Useful tips for taking care of your rug

1. Do not beat or shake your rug forcefully, as this can injure or loosen the warps.

2. As your rug is a living body, it is very important to be stored in a way that it breathes. Therefore, avoid storing it in humid rooms and wrap it in cases made of cloth.

3. Taking into account the "moth" risk, that can harm your carpet, it is suggested to use simple tobacco during storage to avoid any allergies due to the use of moth-proof products.

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