Cleaning of handmade rugs with certified products

Persian Expert for the Repair of Handmade Rugs

Dry cleaning of handmade rugs with a special fabric squeegee

At, upon studying the ways for dry cleaning of handmade rugs, we have established an innovative method consisting of the following steps:

1) Soil removal

The most important step for the maintenance of a handmade rug is the right way to remove dust from the pile down to the root of the carpet, which is the most important deterioration factor of the pile.

Using the rug beater on the back of the rug, we proceed to removing solid residues, determining the duration (of beating) on each carpet based on its thickness, quality and age.

2) Sweeping

To complete the soil removal successfully, we sweep the rug with a broom consisting of a special cylindrical tread that penetrates the depth of the rug's pile and removes all solid residues.

3) Preparation with a fabric squeegee

We spray the entire surface of the rug with a cutting-edge certified product specialized for handmade rugs, which removes not only soil residues, but also detergent & soap residues from previous cleaning.

After that, we brush the rug with an antistatic fabric squeegee that rejuvenates its pile.

4) Paving the pile

The last -but not least- step is carried out using a wooden fiber brush, by which we comb the carpet in the direction of the pile to maintain its uniformity.

Dry cleaning is recommended for all-silk, handmade, sensitive woolen carpets, rugs, handtafts with lining backing and of course for the annual maintenance of all handmade rugs after disinfecting and enlivening the colors to shine without the risk of rusting your rugs, to make sure that you will enjoy them for many years to come!

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